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About SRBC

Shark River Brewing Company was established in 2009 as a division of Shark River Wines.  Interested in the dramatic increase in the popularity of craft beer, the Palmidina wine makers tried their hand at brewing to pass the time between grape harvest and wine bottling.  The 2009 "Mistake Ale" as it later became known, was brought to a boil on a stove top, over-hopped due to a miscalculation, chilled in January snow and exploded during primary fermentation.  But some how made it to the bottle.  And yes, as legend has it, it was delicious.

The new brewers learned many lessons from the 2009 Mistake Ale; the most important being that their skill set, experience, and flat out enjoyment of making a libation worth drinking would always propel them to make something great.  The following winter, SRBC produced a second batch.   By 2011, the group scaled up operations so that two batches could be brewed at the same time.  To date, 2011 was the last year SRBC produced craft beer.  However, the part time brewers are hoping to resume brewing in the not-to-distant future.